Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Peeling Gel

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Brightens Up Dull, Dry and Uneven  Skin to REVEAL A CLEAR RADIANT COMPLEXION......

This brightening exfoliating peeling gel helps to reverse damages caused by exposure to the elements. More effective than chemical peel gels, it reduces discoloration to brighten your skin tone naturally. 


Mildly exfoliates dead skin cells without drying out, Brightens up dull skin and Clears Complexion.


  1. This mild exfoliating formula reduces the bruising of the epidermis. As effective as traditional scrubs, but doesn’t irritate the skin. Great for scrub-sensitive skin types
  2. Gentle physical peel with moisture-rich Natural Cellulose. Works on the outer layer to buff away dead skin cells.
  3. Non-drying; even after peeling.
  4. It effectively clarifies and brightens the skin.
  5. It helps to refine and smoothen rough skin tones.
  6. Paraben-free, Phenoxyethanol free, SLS free, artificial dye-free, and cruelty-free.

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Image result for black lady cleansing face