Organic Blueberry Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Serum

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Erase Wrinkles and Fine Lines Naturally

 This face lifting serum is proven to improve skin damaged from air pollution, makeup and aging. Infused with blueberry extract, this wonder essence lightens worry lines, crow’s feet and frown lines with proper usage and application.  

  • Tighten your Skin With Blueberry Essence - Ingredients used in this serum are clinically safe and does not contain any irritants that can damage the skin or cause painful peeling Get Younger Looking Skin - Using the product regularly will not only reduce all the lines but will also give you a young-looking skin.  
  • Look Fresh and Glowing - Blueberry becoming the active ingredient of this serum is known to have more benefits such as skin tightening, hydrating, brightening and repairing damaged skin.  
  • Save Money from Painful Salon Facials - No need to go to expensive facial salons to get your desired skin result. Facials are painful and take more than a couple of treatments to see results; Wonder essence gives results as early as 7 days.
  • Soft and Moisturized Skin- Sensitive skin is more delicate and challenging to take care of, but this serum is safe for sensitive skin because it is mild and made of pure blueberries and oats.

Wonder essence uses blueberry essence infused with oats and glycerin to nourish, moisturize and moisturize the skin effectively. A mild, nourishing oil easily absorbed making the skin smooth and elastic.

How it works

This serum battles skin aging with the use of blueberry and oats. A more effective combination to help eliminate growing skin problems. It is highly suitable for unwanted lines, oily and dry skin.


How to use

  1. Wash your face with soap/ facial cleanser. (For better results, use blueberry wonder face cleanser)
  2. Use the dropper to smear some on your face.
  3. Massage gently until fully absorbed.
  4. Use a blueberry mask (Optional)


  1. Glucan - promotes collagen building and helps maintain smooth and youthful skin
  2. Glycerin - Treats wrinkles and fine lines. Effective in moisturizing the skin
  3. Blueberry extract - contains vitamin A, C and E. It increases blood circulation making your skin look younger and glowing.
  4. Oat - rich in antioxidants, oats help repair skin damaged by pollution and UV rays from the sun.
  5. Sodium Hyaluronate - An active ingredient for anti-aging creams and serums. Sodium Hyaluronate smoothens wrinkles and moisturizes all kinds of skin types.

Highly effective for removing fine lines and wrinkles, this device is a high-quality facial spa in a bottle.