Professional Blackhead & Acne Extractor

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 Pore Vacuum Therapy is proven to treat & remove blackheads in a fast,
simple and effective matter in
just a few seconds!


    The Pourvac is the result of decades of technological advancement in the beauty industry using Negative Vacuum Technology. Used by thousands over the world to eliminate their blackheads and acne, forever.


    Treat your skin with one of the world's first safe & medically proven alternatives to expensive dermatologic treatments that can cost up to thousands of dollars; all used in the comfort and safety of your very own home.


    Porvac extracts your blackheads & mature pimples from the depth of your pores. While extracting your pores, the outer layer of the skin is stroked using abrasion to promote new, healthy and youthful cells. The suction effect increases your blood-flow to rebuild collagen and elastin.

Making your skin will look better and more youthful than ever before.


The use of creams, masks & lotions, skincare issues improve for the moment. However, in a week or two, these pesky little blackheads and acne builds up slowly and comes back bigger than ever

The Pore Vacuum is proven to treat and remove blackheads in a fast, simple and effective matter in just a few seconds. Get rid of your blackheads & pimples forever and begin a life with a new level of confidence & self-esteem without ever having to care about blackheads & pimples.

Useful Tips

For the first time you use the device, we recommend that you apply it on the hand to adapt to the operating and suctioning. Please do clean the nozzle before and after use - You may use an alcohol wipe or liquid sanitizer to sterilize the nozzle.

 We recommend you treat your skin with a facial steamer or taking a hot shower that helps to open up the pores before removing the blackhead.

 This Blackhead Extraction Tool/Vacuum Suction Pore Cleanser has stronger suction than other similar products - Thus we recommend that you always start with the lowest intensity of suction first. 

Professional Blackhead & Acne Pour Cleaner

Professional Blackhead & Acne Pour CleanerProfessional Blackhead & Acne Pour Cleaner

Professional Blackhead & Acne Pour Cleaner


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