100% Natural Rose Quarts Kegel Egg

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Tighten the Vaginal Muscles with our 100% Natural Rose Quartz Kegel Eggs


 Made of natural rose quartz, this yoni egg quality is not chemically treated or dyed. Carefully engraved and carefully polished to ensure an excellent surface finish. Yoni means yoni is the meaning of the Sanskrit name of the "Holy". This is where the seat of generative power and is considered an important source. The use of Eastern culture and Taoist tradition usually refers to vaginal or uterine use. Exercise protection placed in a secret location is a beautiful beginning.


Product Content:

3 Natural Rose Quartz

  • The advantage is also the practice of the ball practice tool. The perfect design inside the yoni enhances the muscles of the pelvic floor muscles to help you consolidate the postpartum women like eggs. Higher sensitivity allows you to better control part of the body and can also be used as a massage tool or as a general decoration for crystal models or spirits.
  • How to enjoy the yoni egg open the leg and insert the egg to lay down the first part. Use only the tip of your finger. Once the yoni wall has passed through the opening of the vagina will pull the egg. Yoni Eggs can be used for daily activities while watching TV or walking or exercising while sitting down.
  • Do not use boiling hot water for the best care. Its better cleansing eggs are thoroughly disinfected with warm water and soap light brush before use for the first time. Then wash with soapy water and wrap it in soft cloth after each use.


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