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ENJOY A LUXURIOUS SPA STEAM in the Comfort of Your Home!

Treat yourself to a Luxurious, Relaxing and Comfortable Vaginal Steam Therapy in the comfort of your home with our HappyKitty Steam Bath/Seat.

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Vaginal Steam Therapy-Revitalizing Body and Mind

Vaginal Steam Therapy is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your body and reignite your vibrancy. You are likely to see great benefit to this ancient remedy if you suffer from irregular or painful periods, infertility, uterine fibroids, perennial tears, bladder and yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids or scarring from C-sections, hysterectomies, and laparoscopies. Vaginal steaming is also recommended as an excellent way to soothe and pamper yourself; whereby relieving stress and anxiety.

Product Description:

  • Durable And Comfortable Vaginal Steaming Bath/Seat.
  • Premium Medical-Grade Macromolecular Material, BPA FREE.
  • Fits Most Standard Toilet Seat And Commode Chair- Dimension 16" x 12" x 6".
  • Unique vent design to prevent overflow.
  • Capacit-2001ml.


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